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Councilmember Abraham Lincoln Davis District B records

Identifier: CA-AB-Davis
Scope and Contents

Records reflect the duties and areas of interest of the District B office. Correspondence addressed to Councilmember Sapir, Davis' predecessor, were retained. Davis' personal files were not included in the transfer of records.

Dates: 1975-1978
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Arnold D. Fielkow At-Large records

Identifier: CA-AB-Fielkow
Scope and Contents The collection includes paper and born-digital records.The paper records are subject/correspondence files. A large portion of the files are related to the New Orleans Recreation Department (NORD) and Fielkow’s efforts to reform and revitalize NORD through the creation of its successor commission, the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC). Other files include projects of special interest to the Councilman, such as youth recreational activities and adoption...
Dates: 2005-2012
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Bryan Wagner District A records

Identifier: CA-AB-Wagner
Scope and Contents The records in this collection span the years 1980-1983 and contain correspondence as well as questionnaires distributed to District A constituents. Correspondence is both incoming and outgoing. Included in this series is a single letter from Bryan Wagner concerning funding of the New Orleans Public Library, dated 1984. There are also several folders regarding the topic of cable television programing in the New Orleans area for the years 1980-1981. The second portion of this...
Dates: 1980-1983
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Daniel Kelly District E records

Identifier: CA-AB-Kelly
Scope and Contents

The records are four boxes of subject files, arranged alphabetically, regarding the administrative duties and interests of the District E office.

Dates: 1962-1966
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Dorothy Mae Taylor At-Large records

Identifier: CA-AB-Taylor
Scope and Contents

The records are subject files reflecting the duties of the At-Large office. Topics of note include records relating to Mardi Gras and Taylor's Anti-Discrimination ordinance.

Dates: 1977-1994; Majority of material found within 1989-1993
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Ellen Hazeur-Distance District E records

Identifier: CA-AB-Hazeur-Distance
Scope and Contents

This collection contains subject files that span Hazuer-Distance's full time in office, 1994-2000. Areas of interest include the redevelopment of Lincoln Beach, the planning of Jazzland themepark, and various constituent concerns from communities in New Orleans East and along the Irish Bayou. There is particular attention paid to local neighborhood associations.

Dates: 1994-2000
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Eric Granderson At-Large records

Identifier: CA-AB-Granderson
Scope and Contents The records are subject/correspondence files, which reflect the day-to-day operations of Councilmember Granderson's office. There is some overlap between his records and those of Councilmember Fielkow. It is not uncommon to find documents within this collection that were originally addressed to Fielkow.In addition to the paper records, two members of Councilmember Granderson's staff -- Danielle Viguerie (Director of Communications) and Sayde Finkel (Deputy Chief of Staff) --...
Dates: 2011-2012
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Frank Friedler District A records

Identifier: CA-AB-Friedler
Scope and Contents

The records refelct the interests of Friedler's District A office; topics of note include the Audubon Park and the expansion of Audubon Zoo, preservation of historic neighborhoods, emergency health services, and property tax assessment.

Dates: 1974-1980
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Henry Curtis District A records

Identifier: CA-AB-Curtis
Scope and Contents

This collection consits of subject files from Curtis' time as District A representative. The majority of materials are from the early 60's, and pertain to budget and zoning issues. Some personal papers were also transferred and are included here.

Dates: 1958-1970
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Jacquelyn Clarkson District C records

Identifier: CA-AB-Clarkson-C
Scope and Contents

The records are correspondence/subject files and reports reflecting broad topics that the Council considered during Clarkson's first term in the District C office, 1990-1994. Considerable emphasis was given to issues relevant to Council District C, the proposed building and opening of a casino in New Orleans, and to the NOPSI buyout debate.

Dates: 1990-1994
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember James Carter District C Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Carter.J
Scope and Contents The records in this collection have generally been kept in the order that they were received by the City Archives. Records are divided into five series: Criminal Justice, Recovery, Subject Files, Housing, and Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO). The majority of records in this collection concern City Council recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina and Carter’s work with criminal justice reform. Of particular interest are records pertaining to the demolition of the “Big Four” public...
Dates: 2006-2010
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember James Fitzmorris At-Large Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Fitzmorris-At-Large
Scope and Contents

This collection includes 18 boxes of files from Fitzmorris's tenure as At-Large Councilmember. Major areas of focus are Leases on City owned property, the Sewerage and Water Board, and extensive recordkeeping of his appointments. This collection also includes a small amout of Fitzmorris' personal papers.

Dates: 1962-1966
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember James Fitzmorris District C records

Identifier: CA-AB-Fitzmorris
Scope and Contents

This collection includes subject files from Fitzmorris' time as District C representative. Major areas of interest include records regarding the Police and Fire Committee, Streets Department, Sewerage and Water Board, and Traffic Safety. In addition to his municipal records, some of the councilmember's personal papers were transferred to the City Archvies as well and are included in this collection.

Dates: 1954-1962
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember James Gray District E Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Gray
Scope and Contents

Adminstrative records and subject files from James Gray, District E office.

Dates: 2012-2018
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Jason Williams At-Large records

Identifier: CA-AB-Williams
Dates: 2014-2021
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember John D. Lambart District D records

Identifier: CA-AB-Lambart
Scope and Contents The records in the collection span the years 1970-1971 and contain: correspondence constituent concerns research and studies for the proposed lead abatement ordinances 4957 and 4990 maps and documents from City Planning Commission hearings a large file started by his predecessor, Councilman-at-Large John J. Petre, on the defunct Riverfront...
Dates: 1970-1971
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember John J. Petre District D and At-Large Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Petre
Scope and Contents

Records include files on city-owned property leased for private use, subject, and reading files. The property files include photographs, the lease agreement, and other relevant material.

Dates: 1961-1969
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Jon Johnson District E Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Johnson
Scope and Contents

The majority of records in this collection represent constituent concerns and the day to day activities of Johnson’s office. Most materials were generated by Johnson’s staff, with the exception of some outgoing correspondence authored by the councilmember himself. The collection spans just two years, but contain materials of interest regarding Lincoln Beach and housing concerns in the Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans East communities.

Dates: 2010-2011
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Joseph Giarrusso At-Large Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Giarrusso
Scope and Contents

A former superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department (1960-1975), Chief Giarrusso's interest in the NOPD and in law enforcement continued through his years on the Council, an interest that is reflected in these records. Other issues that are particularly well represented relate to public utilities policy and regulation, gambling and the city's proposed land-based casino, and anti-smoking legislation, for which the Chief acted as one of New Orleans' strongest advocates.

Dates: 1978-1994
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Joseph V. DiRosa At-Large records

Identifier: CA-AB-DiRosa
Scope and Contents The DiRosa records contain subject files from the councilperson's two terms in office. Many of the subject files deal with civic matters, social services, and local organizations. Of particular note are the liquor license revocations that were part of a morality enforcement against gambling, sex work, and same-sex bars. Many of the organizations present in the collection are local social service organizations or political organizations, including anti-community organizations from the...
Dates: 1962-1966; 1970-1978
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Kristen Gisleson Palmer District C Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Palmer
Scope and Contents The records in the collection span the years 2010-2014 and contain policy-related archives transportation concerns of all types daily calendars correspondenc talking points research and studies for the 2014 Sound Ordinance There are 12 total boxes of project and policy research, particularly related to transportation, parks, and District C quality of life. This includes reports on development projects in New Orleans,...
Dates: 2010-2014
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Latoya Cantrell District B records

Identifier: CA-AB-Cantrell
Scope and Contents

Records include subject files and meeting minutes reflecting the interests of the District B office. This includes Cantrel's work on the Criminal Justice Committee and with the Frnch Market Corporation.

Dates: 2008-2017
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Mike Early District C Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Early
Scope and Contents

The records are subjects files and address a variety of topics including:

  • Education
  • Budget
  • Energy management
  • Public housing
  • Neighborhood development
  • New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
  • Parks
  • Sanitation
  • Sewerage and Water Board
  • Tourism

Dates: 1978-1990
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Oliver Thomas District B Records

Identifier: CA-AB-Thomas
Scope and Contents Much of the materials in this collection are constituent requests for assistance for a variety of problems. "Scheduling Files" comprise documents used by the Councilmember's staff to prepare his daily schedule of activities. As such, they include a considerable amount of information on events taking place in District B and the city as a whole. Of particular interest is the series regarding the St. Thomas Redevelopment Project, and public opinion surrounding the construction of a WalMart in...
Dates: 1994-2002
Found in: City Archives

Councilmember Peggy Wilson District A and At-Large records

Identifier: CA-AB-Wilson
Scope and Contents The majority of records in this collection are from Wilson's At-Large term on City Council; however, a few date back to her previous District A terms. Materials have been grouped into five seperate series, reflecting the activities of her office. Wilson's office kept extensive subject files on city agencies, businesses, local organizations, and topics of local interest. Additionally, they maintained files on select individuals, including politicians and business members of the community. A...
Dates: 1986-1998
Found in: City Archives

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